FCT40-16DTR ultrasonic sensor

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  • Introduction to ultrasonic sensors
    The ultrasonic sensor is a sensor that is developed using the characteristics of ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic sensor developed by Jingdezhen Huifa Electronics Factory utilizes the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics. When an electrical signal is applied to the piezoelectric ceramic sheet, it will deform and cause the sensor to vibrate to emit ultrasonic waves. When the ultrasonic wave hits the obstacle, the ultrasonic wave is reflected back and received by the sensor on the piezoelectric ceramic piece. According to the inverse piezoelectric effect, the ultrasonic sensor generates an electrical signal output. Using the principle that the propagation speed of the ultrasonic waves is constant in the same medium, the distance between the obstacles is determined based on the time difference between the transmitted and received signals. Ultrasonic encounters impurities or interfaces that produce significant reflected echoes that can produce a Doppler effect when moving. Therefore, ultrasonic sensors are widely used in industrial, civil, defense, and biomedical applications.


  • The main purpose of ultrasonic sensors
    1. Automobile anti-collision radar, ultrasonic ranging system, ultrasonic proximity switch;
    2. Remote control devices for household appliances, toys and other electronic devices;
    3. Ultrasonic transmitting and receiving devices for anti-theft and disaster prevention equipment.


  • Features of ultrasonic sensor:
    1. High sensitivity, high reliability and good stability;
    2, dust, moisture, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, vibration and other harsh environmental conditions.


  • Ultrasonic sensor model naming method:

    1. Category: T-Universal type ,F-waterproof type , N-temperature resistant type, K-wideband type , Z-narrow pointing type;
    2. Piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic sensor CT;
    3. Center frequency: KHz;
    4, outer diameter size: mm;
    5, category: S – double angle waterproof type, D – single angle waterproof type
    6. Usage: TR—transceiver and receiver, type T-emitter type,  R-receive type