SGM4872 SGM4872YS8 1.2 Watt Audio Power Amplifier

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SGM4872 SGM4872YS8 1.2 Watt Audio Power Amplifier


The SGM4872 is a 1.2-W, fully integrated, audio power

amplifier. It is designed to maximize audio performance

in portable applications such as mobile phone. The

portable application requires audio power amplifier has

minimum of external components and can operate from a

single 2.5V to 5.5V power supply. SGM4872 is capable of

delivering 1.2W of continuous output power with 1%

distortion (THD + N) when it drives an 8Ω speaker from a

5.0V power supply.

The SGM4872 features a low-power consumption

shutdown mode, which is achieved by driving the

shutdown pin with a logic high. Additionally, the

SGM4872 features an internal thermal shutdown

protection mechanism.

The SGM4872 does not require output coupling

capacitors or bootstrap capacitors, and therefore is

ideally suited for mobile phone and other low voltage

applications where minimal power consumption is a

primary requirement.

For maximum flexibility, the SGM4872 provides an

externally controlled gain (with resistors), as well as an

externally controlled turn-on time (with the bypass

capacitor). When using a 1µF bypass capacitor, it offers

165ms wake up time when VCC is equal to 5.0V.

The SGM4872 is available in Green SOIC-8 package. It

operates over an ambient temperature range of –40℃ to


Datasheet:   SGM4872

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